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Equitas Society's 6th Annual Fundraising Dinner - November 12, 2016

Equitas Society extends our appreciation and thank you to the guests, speakers, donors and volunteers whose support contributed to the success of Equitas Society's fundraising dinner. 


In 2011, a group of concerned Canadians formed the Equitas Disabled Soldiers Funding Society (Equitas Society – meaning ”Equality”), incorporated pursuant to the Laws of British Columbia, in order to provide these services to our disabled soldiers.

a) To raise the awareness of the reduced disability benefits provided to our disabled Canadian soldiers as result of the 2006 New Veterans Charter,

b) To raise the funds necessary to pay for the legal disbursement costs of the disabled soldiers who have retained the law firm, Miller Thomson, to address their reduced disability benefits in the courts.


The law firm Miller Thomson has agreed to represent, pro bono, disabled soldiers with settlements under the New Veterans Charter. On October 30, 2012 Miller Thomson filed in the BC Supreme Court an application to certify a Class Action Law Suit for disabled soldiers who have received low settlements under the New Veterans Charter. Equitas has signed an agreement with Miller Thomson requiring Equitas to provide all the legal action disbursement costs (eg: doctor’s medical report fees, court fees, etc) - estimated initially at $100,000.00.


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Equitas Society Mission outlined by the following video.


 Note: The disabled soldier in this video (and Position Paper) who received $13,500.00 has now received in total $44,000.00 for damage to his legs.



Equitas Society Position Paper on New Veterans Charter. This position paper is predicated upon facts known to the Equitas Society1 in April 2012 which prompt our reaching the conclusion that specific changes are required to the New Veterans Charter [NVC]2 in order to ensure that disabled Canadian Forces members receive equal, life-long benefits consistent with the standard that the majority of Canadian workers receive under existing, applicable workers’ compensation programs.



Le présent exposé est un document évolutif dont le but est de présenter la position d’Equitas Society sur l’effet qu’a la Nouvelle Charte des anciens combattants sur les militaires invalides des Forces canadiennes. Bien que tous les efforts aient été faits pour vérifier les faits et les déclarations présentés et en citer les sources, les points de vue et des opinions exprimés dans le présent document sont uniquement ceux de l’auteur et ne représentent pas nécessairement ceux des militaires invalides représentés par le cabinet d’avocats Miller Thomson. On prévient le lecteur de vérifier les sources et les lois citées dans le présent document avant d’utiliser les renseignements aux fins d’autres publications.

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